Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow much fun!

Lola and Roxie race around the yard...
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
White out!
I'm a Florida girl.....freezing here folks!

Isn't this the prettiest holly tree ever?
Hello bloggers and welcome! George and I are visiting TN this week. We were  able to enjoy the drive up during the snow.....I think we were the only ones on the road! We left at 5:00 P.M. and arrived at 4:30A.M. in Knoxville. It was 25* with snow about a white Christmas! Well...the pictures will speak for themselves! Enjoy your holiday time with your families and loved ones! We are missing our daughter and son in law....but thank the LORD they stayed home and watched the puppies!


  1. Hi Lynda! Im your newest follower! Im LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVIN your blog! So warm and family oriented! Nutin Betta! I ADORE the pics of the dogs RUNNIN in the snow! I wish I had that kinda energy! The story on the pups *Tears* so sorry you lost one...I have 2, 2 legged kiddos and 2, 4 legged kids...So I am a MUCHO dog lover! I would SOOO LOVE it if you would come visit my blog! If you like it I would SUPER love it if you became my new Friend/Follower! I LOVE making new friends in blogland! Truly, some of the BEST Gals in the world in blogland! Again...I look forward to more of your blog!

    blessings xoxokara

  2. So pretty, we have only had a tiny bit of snow so far under an inch, I think you should name your blog for the winter season Lynda of "Flakeland" ha ha!

    Love your Charlie Brown tree!

    Chris (Artzee Chris)
    Artzee Chris' Blog


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