Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas! Finally decorated the tree. It was up for 3 days before I found time....took the time to drag in the decorations. We went to Pottery Barn at the FL Mall yesterday and I added a burlap music note swag???Is it called a swag or something else? I'm not a'll have to research the correct terms....perhaps a garland?I think of glittery....pom-pom do dads...or cranberry/popcorn strings for garland....anywho I am not finished with the top. Our old light up angel caught fire last year and I am not happy with her replacement....she needs a spray job of something....The boys took their mom to breakfast at Cracker Barrel for Christmas so I thought I'd post a pic....They are sweet, generous men that love their mom. How about those kitchen towels from CB...Is it too late to be good???/ha.......ya'll be good all week! Santa's coming!

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