Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow much fun!

Lola and Roxie race around the yard...
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
White out!
I'm a Florida girl.....freezing here folks!

Isn't this the prettiest holly tree ever?
Hello bloggers and welcome! George and I are visiting TN this week. We were  able to enjoy the drive up during the snow.....I think we were the only ones on the road! We left at 5:00 P.M. and arrived at 4:30A.M. in Knoxville. It was 25* with snow about a white Christmas! Well...the pictures will speak for themselves! Enjoy your holiday time with your families and loved ones! We are missing our daughter and son in law....but thank the LORD they stayed home and watched the puppies!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

antique hall tree

This old hall tree was purchased the summer of 1975 on a weekend trip from our apartment in Myrtle Beach South were we going that weekend? Charlotte? anyway we passed this home with an open garage.....the retired carpenter had refinished the piece and it was sitting in the drive I remember it...for $150.
Newlyweds seem to splurge on furniture....maybe because we didn't have much.....anyway.....this is what it looks like 38 years later.....decorated with an assortment of Santa's I have acquired over the years. You know how your secret pal gets you something you collect? I wish I had collected manager scenes instead....nativity sets, etc....
Here's looking at you Santa {[:)>

Advent Bulletin Board Redo

This is the covered wooden board (linen) framed with ornaments attached....
We tapped the board to spray paint the frame

In blogville....I found a picture of a Pottery Barn bulletin board redo....that was the inspiration for my latest project.  Under the table dreaming by StephanieLynn see link at the bottom...not sure how to add it here....she was my inspiration for sure...check out her work....she is most incredible...

My poor husband has been badgered enough....but we ran out of time today before he had to go to'll post the picture of the final product later....tomorrow??/ hopefully....

1. remove frame around old cork board. ( we used Lindsay's old high school board that was in her room....she's been married 3 years...)
2. place a layer of board behind the cork for stabilization....mdf or other material
3. cover with fabric....I sprayed an adhesive spray on the board. It took one and a half yards of linen fabric to cover this board that roughly is 35 X 47....If I had it to do over....I would have used drop cloth from Lowes paint dept. 2 for $14 which is cheaper than linen....$8 per yd.....and less hassle. I had ironed the piece perfectly....then my mother in law folded it up and placed it on a shelf.....iron over.... I USED LINEN>>>
4. Cut tags and numbers from Cricket Machine...or purchase at craft store. I used the 4.5" tag from George and Basic Shapes (upper case k) out of craft colored cardstock for the base tag. Then out of white card stock, the smaller tag is 3.5" tag from Christmas Cheer. ( lower case foundation key). The numbers are 2" from the Storybook cartridge, black card stock.
5. The molding is a plastic ...but looks like wood ...molding from the millwork(windows) area of Lowes. I took a picture so you could get the # from it if you want. Any molding will do.
6. Paint with Krylon Carmel Latte ..Walmart $2.97.....
7.Place tags and ornament on with upholstery tacks. 24 per pack from Walmart fabric section $1.27 per pack. Choose from black or gold.
8. Hang and enjoy(Thank your husband for his assistance!)

I am waiting on one piece of molding to be painted....dry....attached with whatever......measure the finished area....divide by 24....for even spacing......anyone good at math?????

Thanks for stopping by.....please leave a comment! You are special!

Finally....It looks ....professionally done?
Change it up.....use photos....but I liked the 25 days of Christmas look...
angel wings from Pier 1
a wooden wreath covered with small pine cones, acorns and leaves
an old angel ornament I made in the 1980's.....
My daughter had red Raggedy Anne was always a favorite...

Visit here for some more will love your visit with Stephanielynn!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Beanie!

Facebook has been fun for reconnecting with friends and sharing photos. The "blog" world is different and unique. We have a lot in common....I of home, family, recipes and sharing crafts! I love to read everyone else's blog to see how they are decorating....I think it is hilarious when I read something I did 36 years ago when we were first married, like spray paint pine cones or add them to a wreath....I am always looking for a new craft! I am still waiting on my husband to take down the cork board so I can "pottery barn" it properly....
Anyway this is a special blog of Christmas past. This one is dedicated to my sister who flew the coop...uh...state, many years ago because she is smart.....her husband was transferred to GEORGIA....I would be there or TN if I could....anyway she has a birthday this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEANIE! or so she was called as a child. I scanned one of the first pictures I remember seeing of her. We had some teacher friends, (the Galloway family, that taught with Mom) that visited one evening, obviously after we had been bathed and had our p.j.'s on for this picture. Bottom left is me, blonde with red p.j.'s and a robe, sister Patsy in her candy cane p.j.'s and our Mother. Seated on the couch is Mrs. Galloway holding Sabrina born Dec. 23,rd, her daughter and my 3rd grade teacher Billie Galloway, and Patsy's first grade teacher & artist friend of mother's, Neil Asper. Sabrina is such a sweet Christmas gift! This first photo we took at her graduation last year. Happy Birthaversay Dr. May! ) Pictured here with her husband, and two gorgeous daughters. Our first Dr. in the how we are proud of her AND her supportive family. love ya'll...

now don't ya just love this picture from 1959!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Puppies arrive 12-15-2010

Poor Dixie Doodle....had 4 puppies on expired.....3 left....2 girls and a guy....then on Friday she had to have surgery....she had a torn bottom....10 stitches or so....this pic shows the IV in her right leg.... she had to be debrided...infection ...oh my! She is doing well and such an attentive mother! $400.00 Vet bill....worth every penny! (however...George was not happy)....ya gotta love the pups! Merry Christmas!

Puppy update...back to vet today....another bill, sore bottom and area that is not healing....more meds....hopefully all will be better by next scheduled appt. for suture removal 12-31...oh what a way to celebrate the New Year! But only 7 weeks to go and they will be ready for puppy shots then adoption.....we are looking for good homes....1 is spoken for....1 is pending.....1 is still up for purchase.....enjoy the pics of the rolly polly pups!

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coffee table coffee table(triangle)supported by 3 green ceramic elephants ...2001...inherited coffee table with broken leg and marble top.....2010 Pottery Barn bargain from the FL. Mall! Sorry...I'm not sure I could even find a picture of our modest upstairs apartment in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and the glass top that had to be dusted daily was not my favorite thing. The 2nd table is too horrible to post pics of...although if I am brave is a fair dose of reality blogging I am not sure I want to share. The table had been taken over by my, do lists....But now I finally have a place to place a glass and share a magazine...and maybe coffee....does anyone have the neighbors over for coffee? We are thrilled with this blessing! I am working on a pb bulletin board knock off.....will post if I can get my husband to staple the boards to the back...I already bought the linen fabric....things move too slow in the south....must be the is the season for miracles!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas! Finally decorated the tree. It was up for 3 days before I found time....took the time to drag in the decorations. We went to Pottery Barn at the FL Mall yesterday and I added a burlap music note swag???Is it called a swag or something else? I'm not a'll have to research the correct terms....perhaps a garland?I think of glittery....pom-pom do dads...or cranberry/popcorn strings for garland....anywho I am not finished with the top. Our old light up angel caught fire last year and I am not happy with her replacement....she needs a spray job of something....The boys took their mom to breakfast at Cracker Barrel for Christmas so I thought I'd post a pic....They are sweet, generous men that love their mom. How about those kitchen towels from CB...Is it too late to be good???/ha.......ya'll be good all week! Santa's coming!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

fresh cut trees

We had a card class Fri. night. A few friends stopped by for a bowl of chili and forgotten cookies....recipe to follow.....we made a few cards...We had fun laughing at our tonight I thought I would give you some insight on how to make fresh cut trees. These of course remind me of the Charlie Brown trees of the late '60' here's the scoop....cut masking tape in manageable pieces about a foot long. Color with green sharpie and let dry. The ones I made first had two different sharpies and that gave the tape some depth. These are my fav so we will have to make another trip to wallyworld to get more the mean time, practice with what you have.If you use coloring markers it may take longer for the tape to fingers turned green....too impatient.....Instead of cutting the brown paper into 1/2" strips vary the trunk by tearing the brown paper to make it look more natural. Top with a star brad (tiny ones from Reflections)... bird punch....(Stampin'Up!), Santa hat is JOLEE'S... add buttons ...polka dots...jute.....the red base in made from the bottom of the Martha Steward cupcake punch @ Michaels...I am sending the "wonky tree" to my niece....she's the artist in the fam and will hopefully understand all things crooked's just ART, right???? That's all folks! OOPs....I almost forgot to give you the recipe. This comes from my friend, Ruth, that makes them for us each year. Hers are better because if you don't S-L-O-W-L-Y add the sugar patiently....they come out grainy....
Forgotten Cookies:Preheat oven to 350* In the mixing bowl of a stand alone mixer.... Beat 2 egg whites (room temp) and a pinch of salt until stiff
Add 2/3 sup of sugar(1 tsp. at a time) gradually...slowly.....let standing mixer do the work...or your arm will fall off...Add 1 cup mini chocolate chips....and I mean the tiny ones....stir in 1 cup chopped nuts if you like them...I use pecans...drop by teaspoonful on foil lined pan.... sprayed w/Pam for an easy release. Place in oven and TURN THE OVEN OFF. Leave in oven at least 4 hrs or overnight. Make yourself a sign to take them out of the may forget or someone may turn the oven on for another reason and ruin the cookies....Merry Christmas Peeps!
PS>>>after thought today....punch small hole on each side of the a small thread of jute though the hole and you have a holder for the tree to hang on your tree....instant ornament! (cut off the front side of the card, of course) or better yet....cut the card in half, write on the back....personal notes in real scribble are fun to decipher! Joyeux Noel! ? Did I spell that right? Need more instruction in French please....