Saturday, December 18, 2010

coffee table coffee table(triangle)supported by 3 green ceramic elephants ...2001...inherited coffee table with broken leg and marble top.....2010 Pottery Barn bargain from the FL. Mall! Sorry...I'm not sure I could even find a picture of our modest upstairs apartment in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and the glass top that had to be dusted daily was not my favorite thing. The 2nd table is too horrible to post pics of...although if I am brave is a fair dose of reality blogging I am not sure I want to share. The table had been taken over by my, do lists....But now I finally have a place to place a glass and share a magazine...and maybe coffee....does anyone have the neighbors over for coffee? We are thrilled with this blessing! I am working on a pb bulletin board knock off.....will post if I can get my husband to staple the boards to the back...I already bought the linen fabric....things move too slow in the south....must be the is the season for miracles!

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