Sunday, August 25, 2013

Artist Park-Montemarte, Paris

Bonjour Peeps! This post will be a continuation of  our trip to Paris in June, 2013. I took so many photos it is impossible to share all of them with you.

After a breakfast on the Rue Cler.....stroll past the rose shop for more I needed more.
Ride the Metro and exit Anvers. Look for the funicular which is a side car that goes up a track on the side of the hill. It takes you to the top where the church Sacre Coeur views all of Paris.

I have cropped all the peeps out.....summer is a busy time here!

At this point, we noticed new tents. I thought they had placed an area to protect the artist from the summer rains. It is really a summer dining area right in the middle of the artist park-and the artist are set up around the outskirts.

My niece decided to have a portrait done. It took a while so I snapped a few progress shots. The activity drew a crowd of young students. They were so polite, and requested permission to stand and watch, they didn't want to be in the way of my picture taking!

Above: students watching....below, I took a picture with one of my favorite artist I have never made a purchase from, until this year. She builds layers of paint on her flowers. Quite pricey, but since the watercolor artist I usually buy from did not have any small paintings available this year...... I decided to try something new.

I purchased one with reds and greens. You can see the restaurant behind us. I was somewhat annoyed with the whole thing until I realized this extra space would seat more of the summer crowd so we would be more likely to get a seat at our favorite restaurant at the end of the street.

I was right, it did not take long to be seated at Le Consulat.......

Looking through the window by our table you can see this:

Le Poulbot is one of the most photographed restaurants in Montemarte.

Le Consulat is well recommended. Best American hamburgers and fries in Paris that we've tasted.

Directly across the street from Le Consulat is the Galerie D'Art a pottery store that my sister loves.

I let the girls go in and held all the shopping bags so they could shop. I amused myself by taking tons of photos of the outside. It is an amazing shop and they wrap the pottery well for transport in your carry-on luggage.

After shopping here, we returned to the Artist Park to finish the day. More artwork was purchased.
There is nothing like buying directly from the artist. It is usually a better price than buying from a gallery. I was just so disappointed that JM Lambert had only huge, 300+ euro watercolors for sale....perhaps it is all he had left. I needed one more 8X10 to complete the master bathroom.
On to Plan B.....

Have you been blessed with a trip to Paris? Don't forget to visit the hill, Montemarte is a fabulous area for shops, cafes, and people watching!

Bonne Nuit!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer's End 2013

School Days are here again....

     The end of summer for us is the beginning of school. Oddly enough our last weekend of freedom before the children return to school was spent at the beach with my sisters.....we spent the first weekend of summer vaca in Paris together.

Looks like a bird convention......

Not great pics.....still practicing with my iphone.

Nice Hobie......great colors against the blue sky......

It was fun to visit Paris.....glad the youngest is organized, and a great event planner.....

While shopping in Daytona, we noticed this cute taxi bag by Betsy a trip to NYC in the future????   Nah, but the bag is darling! It would hold a round trip ticket and credit card....

I have been crafting full swing to get ready for the Fancy Flea, Plant City, Fl  in November.

Inspiration came from a YOUTUBE video....Vicky Papaioannou, Art Journal Page:Reading

A preview of the canvas I am still working on:

The books are made with strips of scrapbook paper rolled to look like books.(use a pencil) I covered a flat canvas with embossed paper then attached the books with foam dots. I need a globe or something else that a word? I watched the artist on a You Tube video, but now I can't find it to give her credit....she was amazing. I'll have to search my pinterest boards.....I think I pinned it somewhere....

I am hoping a teacher/librarian will find this attractive and make a purchase!  How is your fall shaping up? Back to school? Quiet moments with the children busy with homework? Be blessed and enjoy each and every moment with those precious darlings in your care!


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