Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fancy Flea 2013

Has anyone in Lakeland been to the Fancy Flea? I am not sure what possessed me to sign up to do this craft show but I needed my head examined.....about 3 weeks before the craft show...
Pure Panic set in! I have to get these projects done!

Well, if you read the last post hubs and I were busy carting a chicken coup to Mississippi....I did have 3 days of spring break to paint...but a good many of the projects were completed by my daughter...

I had requested help from my niece who also paints furniture....she helped too and had some lovely furniture. The trunk she painted....we could have sold 4-5 of them...they were such a big hit. In the pic below the child's desk in the bottom left corner was my fav. It had a scripture written on the pull out cute with the blackboard paint on top! Katie sold cute lamps, pillows and even a file cabinet!

After 3 days of rain.....the LORD blessed us with a day of sunshine! It was a gorgeous spring day! Thanks Kristy for the loan of the blue tent....just in case....

My other niece, Olivia makes the cutest tutus and baby pacifier clips.. they are hanging from the top of the tent...and on the right side.......they were a big hit too!

I was afraid we would not have enough....but between the 4 of us we were full!

We caused a traffic jam early in the many folks trying to get into the booth!
I slipped out of the booth to take a photo of the insanity.....

This was a wooden box from Hob Lob I had taken many hours to decoupage....It was splendid...and the one thing I would have kept...but it sold....sometime you mark things you want to keep up....and they sell anyway....ha.

The canvas decoupaged with toile tissue paper, dotted with green crocheted doilies and buttons turned out great.

My friend Kristy was next door ....white tent ...we are the navy we took over the outside of her booth with the furniture...
She and her mom had cute jewelry, fabric and handmade purses and back packs....

The mirror surrounded by 100+paper roses was one of the first things to sell. (left side reflecting a tree ) Congrats Lindsay on a job well done....

Coffee table below is up on it's side to save room. Our space was 10 X 10 but we were way over the line...

The coffee table  took hours....and I gave it away, practically. I was very tired and did not want to lug it home.
Painted wooden coffee table...Annie Sloan paint, wax black and white with Music from Paris decoupaged on the center....

In this photo we repurposed a trunk into a toy box for a with chalkboard paint on the top and 3 rulers on the front... yellow tag with the price.....very fun.

This was a small canvas I painted pink and added a few things from my Paris box...stamps, a photo of the outside of the Louvre with a young couple wearing Burberry shades~ a glittery Eiffel Tower...

Lindsay made several book wreaths....she did a fabulous job....and has turned into being quite the crafter!

This pic is her recycled pepper glass jar that turned our so cute....
So thanks to all the niece's and my daughter for helping me accomplish this crazy notion....It was fun to do but I think I would rather walk around and enjoy everyone else's hard work than to repeat the process. The next one is the first weekend in November so mark your calendars. If you happen to be near Lakeland, Florida considered yourself invited. The fair is 9 A.M.- 4 P.M. downtown near and around Munn Park.

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  1. That was so fun to see your booth! I love to set up for craft shows. But you're right, it is a lot to get ready for. I'm hoping to set up for a sale over Memorial Day Weekend.
    Best Wishes. Your projects are great!

  2. Lynda - I love the green on that desk - what a fabulous colour. What is it?
    I am also a great map fan so your mapped box is right up my street - so gorgeous. You girls had lots of stunning things on your stall & blessed with sunshine - wonderful!

    Dee at the Carlton

  3. Thank you so much for linking up with The Busy Bee's party! We appreciate you sharing with us all!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Joye & Myrna

  4. Hi Lynda, I can't believe you were able to come up with so much in only 3 weeks' time...imagine if you had signed up earlier! You girls must have been busy bees for those three weeks! It looks like a lot of fun, but I'm with you...I might rather just take my time looking around at everyone else's booths! :)



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