Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cutting Board Craft and Daytona Beach

I thought I would share a craft I did before the Fancy Flea in March.

Somewhere....I purchased this old cutting board....

After cleaning it up I printed off an image from The Graphic's Fairy

Just click on the button below to view her images.

The Graphics Fairy

The transfer process is still a mystery to me. Sometimes I can print it off in reverse and rub the paper onto the wood. Other times I have to use transfer paper to trace the lines. I have an ink jet printer so that may make a difference.

I really like the bee and crown in the image.

So now....what in the world to do with it? Perhaps when we complete the kitchen will be hung on the wall?

Daytona Beach is approximately 2.5 hrs east of Lakeland. We traveled there this weekend, and were surprised this morning by the sound of many vehicles honking their horns. Outside revealed a steady stream of jeeps cruising up and down the beach. Daytona is one of the few beaches you can still drive on....... far and the eye can see.....

It looked like someone had opened a bag of Skittles....and sprinkled them along the shoreline....

                                                    Some folks were hanging out on the top.....soaking up the sun.....

You never know what you will find or see in Daytona.......Blue skies and an American flag are always welcome!


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  1. You did a great job with it! I've been picking up cutting boards for just this purpose!

  2. Love how your cutting board turned out! I've been hanging onto a few myself to do some transfers on, but have not narrowed down the images yet.

    However...I will have to show my hubby the part about the Jeeps at Daytona.


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