Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage wedding shower

It has been a busy month already with several showers. The vintage theme accomplished today was a group effort. Orange crates and a bread crate created useful areas to display chips and a train case for the cards.

This antique travel case provided the space we needed for cards and letters to the bride and groom. They will be married May 12th in Texas. This was the only weekend they were both to be in Lakeland. We elected to have a luncheon after church. The attendance was wonderful.....who said....just have food....they will come?
The drink station was short a table...but we made it work with Longaberger baskets filled with orange crush, IBC, and waters...then a vintage tin with 6oz cokes.

It's wonderful to have a daughter that bakes. Her cupcakes and cake pops are always a hit!

We kept the serving simple with cubans, fruit and veggies, chips and dessert.
This "tramp art" started out to be a card for the couple and ended up on a board, matted ready for signing. Fact # 93 idea lifted from pinterest.
Each table had a vintage lantern and ivy.

I need a bit more practice with my banners....note to self..... remember to use black or white letters. The silver did not stand out as much. No one seemed to notice. We served over 50 folks and enjoyed every minute of hosting.....we were so blessed to have a great crowd!
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Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have been thinking lately about anniversaries. We usually think of an annual event celebrating a wedding date. Ours is in July....not quite time for that one. What is eating at me is.......... Spring Break 2011 we were in PARIS, can you begin to top that? How can I enjoy spring without Paris? oh my.....

SO....while my sister and I were cleaning out my dad's home to put it up for sale.....this little jewel hidden high on the wall in the garage was found. Oh yeah....what a surprise.....we ate at Le Consulat after visiting the Artist Park our second time we were thinking...why can't we return to Paris? What is keeping us?

March 2011 Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, France

I say GO FOR IT!