Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decoupage 101

So today I was cleaning out the closet....wrapping gifts....came across a bag from Marshall's in I remember why I bought those beverage to the craft table to decoupage??Did I spell it correctly? Please don't grade me on my English! So with 20 beverage napkins I covered the top and bottom of:
1. An empty food container   (Moose Munch)
2. A large peanut container  (nuts, not Jeff Dunham's peanut)
3. A rectangular container w/handles..(watch it ...the open ovals for your hands are tricky...)
4. A Eukanuba dog food treat container w/plastic lid. I did not cover the inside or bottom of the peanut container...but was surprised when 20 small napkins covered all 4 containers well.
I began by removing the white layers of the napkin....there are TWO. Unless you want to cover a container's writing (you can podge a white layer first)....I usually throw away the white layer and just use the thin tissue with the decoration. I think it looks cool with some letters peeking through the tissue. I turned the container bottom up first and began covering small areas at a time. First with Modge Podge...then the tissue. It helps to separate the tissue in small and large pieces first. The napkin was divided in half so I could place the picture right side up. I just tore it in half...when your fingers get sticky you will need to wash your hands or the tissue will stick to you instead of the dog, Dixie curled up in my seat....that's what I get for leaving the table..

Isn't Dixie just a darling! Yorkies are my favorite!
...After it dries you may want to follow the instructions...which usually states to spray with an acrylic sealer and let dry.....Happy Podging....

The one on the left is the Eukenuba Dog Treat container....right one is Moose Munch by Harry and David...YUM.....

Upcycle peanut containers, etc.......Now you will become a paper napkin collector....yikes!
check out Tuesday Morning for napkins....Hallmark stores have some great ones too!

PLEASE....leave a comment if you have time! What have you podged lately????

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

On Thanksgiving Day we gather for a time of fellowship and sharing new receipes(and old ones)....then it's off to a special "green background" area of the landscape to take pictures for our annual Christmas greeting card. This year I found a scarf for the girls to wear. We decided to wear black. My husband is always in shorts. It was at least 80* outside so we were a bit warm...An orange tree down the road from my sister's home was the perfect backdrop for the family group photo.
I wish I had taken photos of the second half of Thanksgiving. The dinner gathering began around 7 P.M. as Douglas, my son-in-law's smoked turkey was finally done. It was an exceptional bird! I shared the macaroni and cheese receipe with my daughter-in-law, Mandi and made an extra dish for her to take to her gathering on Friday. We were joined by Douglas's two sisters, their friend, Amanda, George's brother Bob and Mandi's family. We were blessed to enjoy their company.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

the report card

You will notice on Mom's report card....circa 1934 she made B's and C's in Writing....those who actually saw Mom's writing on the board know she must have practiced enough to become an "A" student. I wonder why the 6th month was "incomplete".....perhaps an illness? Have you practiced your writing today?

black Friday

Well, there you have it....old age creeping in and the first black Friday I am not out shopping....I over did it this week cleaning the porch and "flared up" the it's on the couch blogging and reading other blogs today recuperating from the wonderful Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed yesterday.

We have a great deal to be thankful for.....Salvation thanks to the, friends and the joy of forming new friendships. How about a great home....even though mine is still under construction (remodeling)....when we are finished....what a party I will throw! I was thinking yesterday how thankful I was to be home. Working many thanksgivings as a nurse in the hospital( so I could have Christmas or Christmas Eve off) made me appreciate yesterday's time with family. How wonderful it is to have a job that pays you when you are home a week at Thanksgiving...and two at Christmas....don't forget Spring Break and some of the summer off! Thanks to all those EMT's, Dr.'s and nurses that work all those shifts so our family can be taken care of in the event of an emergency

Movie time yesterday @ the Johnson's home was especially delightful as we enjoyed a movie Michelle picked up entitled " An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving". Set in the 1800's was so very different.....most young folks under 10 don't realize how difficult life was 200 years ago. No cell phones, computers....but Sam and I talked about the correspondence and letter writing that was so appreciated. Some of the writings in our 8th grade workbooks are not even 2 complete sentences....and the penmanship .....or lack of..... Perhaps that is why today some of the art work I enjoy looking at uses old letters as background in the artwork...I am afraid it is a lost art that needs to be revitalized.