Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Graphic’s Fairy Cards

Happy Monday!  I thought I would share the basic construction of a card just before Mother’s Day so you can make your own.  I use 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock and cut in two equal parts at 51/2. Fold both pieces in half for two cards. For the front I sketch, watercolor, or print something appropriate on my printer making four copies on one 81/2 X 11 sheet of card stock. Trim to fit, glue or use double stick tape to apply to card base. The graphics can be found on the website called The Graphic's Fairy. These are some free ones. She also has some fabulous paid perks if you care to join her groups. I just use the free ones at this time. I also like to color copy my artwork and make cards. Some of them are quite quirky. You can follow me on my Instagram account: @lyndaharley to view more artwork. I learned to watercolor and draw on YouTube. Dina Wakely, Ali Brown, Shawn Petite, and Pam over at Sewcrazy are just a few of the talents I watch and learn.....you should give it a try!

 These are just a few cards I have donated to the Take Heart store in downtown Lakeland. I was hoping to get some folks to volunteer to make some for the store during my move. We plan to visit the grands more often by staying portable and bouncing between Alabaster, AL and Moscow, Idaho!

   Take Heart is a non profit helping widows and aged out orphans to attend school in Kenya. They just opened a store downtown Lakeland selling fair trade items. Marvelous inventory and something for everyone!

The above is amazing artwork made from barrels. My favorite is the Amazing Grace sign.

There is a story behind this cross. You'll have to visit the store and ask about it....

The above photo is a picture of my sister, Michelle. She quit her job as an assistant principal to help her friend, Delta Ryan that began this journey.

We hope you stop by and learn about the mission to help others. Everyone can do something! I make cards, volunteer, paint on books, and donate time, $, and talent.  The LORD has blessed the store and it's so much easier than garage sales! We appreciate your business.....buy with a purpose. 

Come by and visit when you get a chance. First Fridays are popular but you can come Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-5:00 I think are the hours.......Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings!   Lynda

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Greetings friends and relatives.....This photo was taken last year as we traveled west helping our son and his family move to Moscow, Idaho.  We have decided to downsize into our 5th wheel permanently....so to speak as we have a signed contract on our home as of last Friday. Yes....I am in full panic mode as a flit from room to room trying to decide what I can't live without that will fit in this new tiny house.  Needless to say after almost 44 years together ( JULY 12) we are both collectors of stuff....most creative souls are....is my excuse....and oh my what a day it is! Pray for us as we use wisdom and restraint ....our biggest treasures are our kids and grands and we want to spend time with them.  I am excited for this new adventure and thank the LORD for sending a buyer as our home was not listed.....and it is HIS timing! He has removed the desire for all this stuff and I feel happy to release it to others that will use and enjoy it.  We are having a professional come in and do an estate sale in June so we are thankful for those in HIS service that can help in this area! I simply do not have the energy or the organizational skill to even have a garage sale!
Grand, Mandi, Logan and Willow arriving in the state of Idaho. We didn't see any potatoes, but hundreds of acres of wheat and other grains. I learned the Palouse is a region of the NW US that is a major agricultural area producing wheat and legumes. In July the temps range from 50-60"s in the morning to 80"s but an oh so pleasant 80 compared to the "too hot to breathe" 80's-90's in FL.

Holidays....they are wonderful....but not enough time ........

We will miss George's two brothers...... Kim and Bocky are such a great help with
upkeep and maintenance. They are fun guys who love hanging outside near a fire. They have great neighbors to keep them company!

Our winters will be spent in Alabaster, AL with this sweet family....our daughter, Lindsay, her husband Doug, and the adorable 1 yr old Matthew! They grow so quickly these days you can't blink.
Well that's it for now. I have a packing assignment....
Any volunteers?

Keeping Jesus First!

Monday, February 12, 2018

"Sending Flowers" Digital Journal Kit + 5K Giveaway!

This video promotes a digital kit can be used to make a junk journal. Thought you folks would like this video. I have been gutting old books and sewing in signatures made with coffee dyed paper and scrapbook paper.   Happy Spring!   Lynda

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Snow much fun.....in Idaho

The fall has given way to a splendid dusting of powdered sugar....at least that is what it looked like to me this morning. This FL gal rarely gets to see this type of snow. I am here in Moscow, Idaho visiting my grandkids and loving the cooler weather. Summers have such a way of melting my spirit I can hardly stand to be outside unless we are near water.
I thought I had picked the last bloom next to the drive way, but this morning there were several others on the other side of the sidewalk. I loved the look of this plant. Perhaps some of you may know what it is called.
If you are from the north I apologize for all the snow photos....

We are staying warm inside with short visits outside.....It's not easy to walk in....so thankful I purchased some boots last weekend!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

hugs, Lynda

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Okay....so I am so challenged these days with technology.....but just learned a new button that takes me to my phone and allows me to upload photos.....so perhaps a few minutes a day and I can keep up...we will see!

I traveled up to the northwest to visit the grandkids in Idaho! Wow....what a temp change from FL. I love the cooler weather ! So how are your leaves looking? They are beautiful this year....but maybe I just love fall anything.....pumpkins, cider, outdoor activity,  and sweatshirts. How about You?

Here's a glimpse of the inside of the travelers notebook I have with me this trip.

She still needs a background, her nose is too large....but it's a start and that's the thing about art....
That is basically it....just get something down....don't worry about messing up, you can always do over....just begin.
Follow me on Instagram to see more. We may just end up being an inspiration to each other.....without the perspiration ......

Significantly blessed by the LORD-  Lynda

John 3:16....He has blessed us all with eternal life....have you accepted yet?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's All About The Grands!

Today....it's all about the grandkids! I am blessed to have three beautiful grandchildren! Each has their own personality. I enjoy spending time with them.

We celebrated Willow's first birthday in January. It was a lovely warrior princess party!

The fabulous cake was made in Lakeland. Michelle and I drove 10 hours to Mississippi and it survived with minor settling.

Willow is doing well and is back in her child development class. Her last scan shows no further growth of the neuroblastoma.  We continue to believe the LORD for her complete healing!
She has her own Facebook page "pray for Willow" that includes photos of her journey.
Thanks so much for joining our praying warriors for her cause. She is such a joyful blessing!



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Altered Playing Cards

I had fun yesterday playing with a deck of cards. I am a member of the "Junk Journal Junkies" Facebook group and the challenge of the month is to alter 5 Playing Cards.  I grabbed a deck and started working to change them.


First I sanded the backs just in case the slick finish resisted the Modge Podge I decided to use as glue. 
Next you can glue them to any paper you choose. I decided to make these journaling cards so coffee stained card stock was added.

You can decoupage plain card stock if you like.
When the glue is dry add old sewing patterns, book text and art work of any kind to the front. I chose to color copy some of my sketches on card stock and cut them down to fit.

 The above card is made with the new Jane Davenport face stamp that appeared at Michaels craft stores this week. I used watercolors to paint her hair. If you don't draw you can go to a site "The Graphic's Fairy" . com and use her free images. If you would like to learn to draw I recommend watching Dina Wakely You Tube channel on how to draw a face. It takes a bit of practice but if I can learn-so can you!

This is a doodle of a beach scene I drew years ago. You can see how I cut and blended the two on the final card. Yes I know it is sideways, but I haven't learned how to turn photos yet.....

This was a fun craft and easy to do. I would advise you to print your photos or artwork on card stock rather than printer paper to avoid bleed through.

Thanks for joining me today and happy crafting!

Lynda Harley