Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's All About The Grands!'s all about the grandkids! I am blessed to have three beautiful grandchildren! Each has their own personality. I enjoy spending time with them.

We celebrated Willow's first birthday in January. It was a lovely warrior princess party!

The fabulous cake was made in Lakeland. Michelle and I drove 10 hours to Mississippi and it survived with minor settling.

Willow is doing well and is back in her child development class. Her last scan shows no further growth of the neuroblastoma.  We continue to believe the LORD for her complete healing!
She has her own Facebook page "pray for Willow" that includes photos of her journey.
Thanks so much for joining our praying warriors for her cause. She is such a joyful blessing!



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Altered Playing Cards

I had fun yesterday playing with a deck of cards. I am a member of the "Junk Journal Junkies" Facebook group and the challenge of the month is to alter 5 Playing Cards.  I grabbed a deck and started working to change them.


First I sanded the backs just in case the slick finish resisted the Modge Podge I decided to use as glue. 
Next you can glue them to any paper you choose. I decided to make these journaling cards so coffee stained card stock was added.

You can decoupage plain card stock if you like.
When the glue is dry add old sewing patterns, book text and art work of any kind to the front. I chose to color copy some of my sketches on card stock and cut them down to fit.

 The above card is made with the new Jane Davenport face stamp that appeared at Michaels craft stores this week. I used watercolors to paint her hair. If you don't draw you can go to a site "The Graphic's Fairy" . com and use her free images. If you would like to learn to draw I recommend watching Dina Wakely You Tube channel on how to draw a face. It takes a bit of practice but if I can learn-so can you!

This is a doodle of a beach scene I drew years ago. You can see how I cut and blended the two on the final card. Yes I know it is sideways, but I haven't learned how to turn photos yet.....

This was a fun craft and easy to do. I would advise you to print your photos or artwork on card stock rather than printer paper to avoid bleed through.

Thanks for joining me today and happy crafting!

Lynda Harley

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Meet Willow


Willow is my granddaughter. She is precious, sweet, and we are loving all things pink! This photo was taken the day she was born.  At the present time she is 7 months old and in the hospital in New Orleans. She was diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma of the spine, Stage III in August. She has endured 2 rounds of chemotherapy. She has at least 10,000 folks praying for her on the planet! She is loved.
Thanks for adding her to your prayer list! We are believing and trusting the LORD for a complete healing!  I am thankful I am retired and can visit often. God is good!

Just a reminder......Christmas is just 3 months anyone counting? I have another grandson that is due to arrive around Christmas time. We are very excited and thankful for this blessing! Do you have grandchildren? They are the best children!

Have a wonderful fall!


Friday, June 3, 2016

Junk Journal Class

Hello my friends:

It has been quite a little while since I posted. Blah, Blah...excuses to include new computer versus old dog without tricks....

So retirement is still sweet as ever...I've been enjoying visiting the lake house with my husband....below we are on the river/canal that connects two lakes headed to Mt. Dora.

Now lately I have been working on a project. I have been watching videos on how to make junk journals......on YouTube.....lots of great talent willing to share their secrets!
I have completed several to date and given one as a gift. Below: Graduate Carly enjoys opening her junk journal at her grad party!

So there you have it....another thing to add to my to do list. I have been coffee dying paper and have even used blueberry juice to stain the paper. It is dipped and placed on a cookie sheet to dry in a 200* oven for 7 minutes or so.  The covers are decorated really cute.

Most of you know I volunteer for an organization called Take Heart We raise funds to support aged out orphans and widows in Nedwang, Kenya. So our plan now is to have a few classes
in the summertime in which I will teach you how to make a junk journal.  The first class will be on June 25th. Email me for the details @ I have room for ten folks!

This is what the journal will look like when you begin:

It is a 9" length by 6" wide cover with ribbon closure. There will be ten pages that will be sewn in by you, the participant, then we will decorate the pages with stamping and add an occasional pocket. 
The class also includes lunch since we will begin and 9:00 AM and end at 12 Noon.Pages may vary.

We will also have a class on making a canvas with a heart. The canvas class will be taught on June 28 from 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM. We will wrap a canvas with Tim Holtz tissue paper then transfer the heart onto the canvas. Complete it with a few stencil marks and then stain it. This class is $35 also and includes dinner! ( I could add a movie, but I know some folks have to work!) haha! 

I hope if you are in the Lakeland, FL area you will sign up and give it a try! I read the other day on someone's blog not to measure....., she states ..."It's not that kind of journal".  Of course she means the OCD/perfectionist is sometimes stretched to create because it rarely turns out picture perfect....but life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!

Hope to see you soon. Enjoy your summer!


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Retirement is Sweet!

Oh peeps! Two miracles have happened. I have retired from school nursing and I have a computer that works. It's been way to long since my last post.

This is a flash back to 1959.  My little sister, Sabrina was born on Dec. 23. This picture was taken several weeks later.  On the couch are 3 teachers. Mrs. Galloway and her daughter, and Neil Asper.  Mrs. Galloway is holding Sabrina. On the floor is me, my sister Patsy, and my mom.

This is a test post. I'll need to learn how to upload my pictures.....another day, perhaps. I have a grandson that wants me to play. They grow up so fast.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!    ~Lynda

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cape San Blas

 Vacation this year took place up in the Florida panhandle. Cape San Blas is an interesting, remote area approx. an hour east of Panama City. We rented a cabin that was between the beach and bay.

Isn't he the cutest? Love my grandson.....this was one happy YaYa.....spending a week with the grand!

Goodness knows.....we look like a caravan of gypsies walking across the street to the beach. You know yourself how much "stuff" you need to carry to enjoy a few hours.....and toys to dig in the sand!

It was a nice long walk! We burned a few calories in the Fl heat getting there! It was around 92* mid day.....but the breeze from the ocean made it nice!

Big payoff! A beach to ourselves. This one is so far off the beaten path! Thanks Grant for scouting out a secluded area for us to enjoy.

Just a few folks way down the beach......

The above photo was taken by my son just before sunset. We had walked out the back door and through some woods to the empty bay. The tide was out. We walked in our bare feet(he had some convincing to do) out to an island. The water was ankle deep. He told me to just watch for horse shoe crabs. The small crabs scampered away was still about getting out of your comfort zone!

In the bucket.....empty shells.....

The small sting ray we observed......swam away!

The crystal clear water allowed you to see every step! Above another horse shoe crab....we saw several!

Hundreds of small crabs....everywhere.......

Grant says "They don't pinch much".......yeah...I was not going to test their strength!

A short walk back to the cabin! So thankful this was a "dog friendly" rental! We enjoyed our stay!
Thanks Whispering Pines of Cape San Blas!

Enjoy your summer!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Art Journal Class

Art Journal Class @ Whim So Doodle

This extraordinary scrapbook store is an hour away in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. I have wanted to visit the store for some time now.....the perfect opportunity presented itself ......a class with Stephanie Ackerman! Although quite steep $ for a "school salary" nurse I decided to take the plunge.....I was not disappointed. The first 3 hours was spent painting with acrylic and Tim Holtz distress paints. We also stamped and stenciled each area. She also told us to journal or write quotes inside the circles with a white,uni-ball SIGNO broad pen. This pen writes like magic and the pigment ink dries perfect! Who knew?...........When I finished the large piece of canvas I held it up for a pic with our teacher! She is the best instructor! daughter and I also signed up for the afternoon class to make the paper for the inside journal using the gelli plate to print our own paper.  It was a design experiment for sure.....

Drum roll please......

This was so much fun..... she also had several scripture quotes to cut out and place anywhere in the journal. Each person made there's different but we could use her model if we wanted.

We also used some washi tape to attach the print outs. I liked her blue with red cherries (Mary Engelbreit fan) the best.

One interesting tidbit: When you gesso the canvas.....use a plastic card(old one or used gift card) to spread the gesso irregularly. The paint will have different hues when it dries. The gesso makes the paint go further and have a more vibrant color.

Above: paper results after gelli printing.

Lindsay did a better job of painting her canvas, leaving areas natural for a more vibrant contrast!

This store was so interesting we had to visit again last Saturday just to absorb more of it's content and shop for a Stephanie Ackerman to view her Bible journal class. They carry the largest selection of Tim Holtz stamps, stencils and dies of any store I have EVER visited! The separate room of material(fabric) is a dangerous place to be! If you watch videos of France Papillon they also carry several items she uses in her journal videos...paint, inks, dyes, etc.    I hope to visit again in September to take another class.

What have you made this summer?

I am on Pinterest and You Tube video restriction until I clean up my craft room!

Blessings! ~Lynda