Sunday, April 13, 2014

Birthday Peat Pots

Have you noticed all the spring peat pots on Pinterest? I was searching for a quick craft to decorate a birthday table a few weeks ago. I had purchased a sleeve of 14 peat pots from Walmart (under $2). I decided to decorate each one differently.

Below: Maybe a cupcake will help? Stamped cupcake by T!M Holtz placed on tongue blade, added joker by Graphic's Fairy. Cupcake punch by Martha Stewart. Peat pots were dabbed with white gesso or craft paint.

Above peat pot decoupaged with sheet music, pages of books. Rim has flowers and assorted brads. Inside there is a bit of antique lace held in place by candy....which quickly disappeared.

Below a bit of Parisian flare:

Red rose ribbon from Michaels was folded over this pot decoupaged with sheet music. Three buttons from French General were added as well as paper shavings inside, and a stamped tag with Tour Eiffel with a large black feather.....sort of Moulin Rouge style...keep it PG since these are going to middle school.

Above: the pot is not painted, but decoupaged with pages. The tag is covered with Paris washi tape.
The photo of Marie was taken when we toured Versailles in  2011. An added rosette with three red roses over a vintage lace wrap completes this pot.

The next pot was the "beach" theme; filled with shells from the shore, a vintage photo of my sister and I standing in front of our parents was the hit of the party. The students enjoyed seeing us at a young age.

A set of school stamps by Tweety Jill and some vintage style Graphic's 45 school paper made the next pot special. Our mother taught in public school for 42 years. Since my sister has taught quite a few years.....and this surprise party included some of her students, it was fun to use the school paper.

It was getting late when I was decorating this last one I threw together some things I already had decorated. More sheet music, purchased at the October Country Living Fair in Atlanta, was used to cover the pot below. Black eyelash yarn and a tag made this one come together.

These peat pots were interspersed among Gerber Daisy pots. We had purchased cupcakes for the kids.

We are missing sister #3 here.....(she's in Atlanta)

Next time I will buy the large pots.  The youngest sister, Michelle, just made the party. She was in Africa helping widows and orphans for the TAKE HEART non-profit org. See for more info.

Happy Birthday Sister!

Don't just sit there.....get busy decorating some peat pots!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring has sprung in fact, it has been in the 90's(that is what my car said) the last few days....

During spring break we visited Ten Thousand Villages in Orlando.

Park Ave is an interesting place. Small town feeling with dozens of shops all within walking distance.

We had a great time choosing treasures at Ten Thousand Villages. Do you know what fair trade is?

Donna and I check out the scarves.
I dressed in skittles' colors..... the tree hanging....could we make that ourselves? Gheez that is a lot of wire......

Above....the shop from the outside.........

No....we did not stop at the chocolatier....I just like the clock!

I had some great friends and family along! It was a lovely day!

When is it not lovely in Florida? We did have some cooler weather and rain at the end of the week.
The flowers are beautiful and the grass is green so no complaints!

How is your spring coming?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Bubbles

Hello Peeps!
     It has been a busy March. I had unexpected gallbladder surgery....drove 10 hours to take care of my grandson 4 days after surgery(with the help of my daughter)....PTL survived both ordeals! LOVED taking care of my grandson....oh my what love there is in my heart for him! I am sure you share the same feelings if you have been blessed with grandchildren!

There are signs of spring everywhere here in the south....

Tree blossoms in Mississippi.......

Above from the dogwood in the front yard......

Above: Sunny day before we left Mississippi!

It's amazing how much fun a small bottle of bubble soap can be! Check out the grasp on the right hand.....I need to give this boy piano lessons....beginning in 3rd grade!

Such a sweet smile most of the time!

Loved his "squeaker" shoes....glad the squeaker is would drive the pre-school teachers crazy....

The END!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


I love to link up to Petite Louise Michelle's Grey Days on Thursday.....but I struggle to find anything grey in my home. I tend to decorate with bright colors. I do have a few pieces of painted furniture, but few is the key word.

Below is an image from the Graphic's Fairy. If you have not visited her site, it is a wealth of free images.  I added the words on the blank board for a retirement party. We all do look forward to retirement, don't we?

The next image is a commissioned drawing from an artist in New York. She does lovely work and we have been friends for years. I had this done for my grandson, Logan. When I found some courage.....I colored it with color pencils and added it to his scrapbook!

Do you pursue grey?



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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Valentines 2014

Happy January folks!

      I decided to rework last year's Valentines Day wreath using BoBunny's Love letters combo stickers & chipboard. It was fast and easy. I cut three yellow card stock banners 3.5 X 6.5 and backed them with turquoise and pink. I used ribbon I had on hand that matched the colors. An old clock I had printed from the Graphic's Fairy was updated with more stickers and tied to the top with tulle. The wreath was 1/2 off at Hob Lob.

Oops I need to find out where those photos are....haha just enjoy the roses from Paris right now....

I'll be right back!

Oh's hard to teach an old dog.....I tried to use my ipad....not quite able to upload photos yet....stinking new technology always trips me up.....we just have to keep learning don't we?

Here are some more close ups....

The clock needs to say...."Time for love"............

I think it needs some bling....I'll have to add some gems to make it sparkle a bit more.....whatdoyouthink?

Happy Valentines Day!


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grey Thursday on Lake Morton

Grey Days with Petite Louise Michelle....

A chance to visit Lake Morton in Lakeland and feed the ducks, birds, and seven swans a swimming....

This was a fairly grey day for sure....sprinkled a bit but we were able to unload bread and crackers for the occasion.  We are blessed here in central Florida.....while the rest of the world is shoveling snow....we are enjoying a few hours of feeding the birds during our "winter"......

Mandi, Logan and Grant pose in front the the infamous Lake Mirror. They are visiting from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It is always great to enjoy our grandson! He is growing so fast!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Haven of Books Canvas:READ

Happy New Year Peeps!

     After our family "company" left it was time to get out the supplies and make something.
I opted for another canvas decorated with books.

The idea came from a YOU  TUBE video....the artist is Vicky Papaioannou entitled Art Journal Page:Reading. I watched it several times, made a canvas and sold it at a craft fair in November.

This is the one I completed today.......READ.....

This is the first one that I did. The canvas is much smaller. It was a good start for my first one. There is a learning curve if you haven't been to art school and learned how to work with some of the mediums.

The above canvas had a grey cardstock base and books that were hand made as shown in the youtube video. Images from the internet.

This canvas I used paper from, Emma's Shoppe Collection}Books #E5855
Glue using medium to a cut up empty roll from paper towels. Distress edges with Tim Holtz Walnut stain.

Below: Cover the canvas with tissue paper. I used Tim Holtz music and dictionary words. Stain with distress ink, faded jeans on bottom, tumbled glass on top and walnut around all the edges. Mix modeling paste with black acrylic paint and stencil on eye chart(or whatever you want)
Build books one at a time allowing to dry in between....patience is a virtue....I am still working on that part...sometimes I can't wait so I rush things a bit.....having to weigh down the books so they will stick...
I printed off Alice from the Graphic's Fairy and placed her on the right side of the canvas after coloring with Tim Holtz distress ink markers.

Stamp a library card with "Books" and add any other stamps. These were from Tweety Jill's Book Artist and Vintage School Days.

Then I decided to add several clocks and Ex Libris card plate from Pottery Barn. It was lacking something at the top....a vintage alphabet printed off, colored, distressed and backed with blue cardstock added to distressed tag punched from Creative Memories....add jute string and I thought it was done.....

Then I decided to add a frame of the small books not around the canvas I went taking several hours to finish....Now a 4 day project is finally done.

Tada: (is that a word?)

Close ups: haha, I should have swept off the back porch before the photos!

You really should watch the video. It is 20 min. long but very detailed. Vicky is a great teacher! My books are a little more wavy than hers.....but this is crafting.....not an exact science I am sure! 

Email me if you have questions.

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