Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Bubbles

Hello Peeps!
     It has been a busy March. I had unexpected gallbladder surgery....drove 10 hours to take care of my grandson 4 days after surgery(with the help of my daughter)....PTL survived both ordeals! LOVED taking care of my grandson....oh my what love there is in my heart for him! I am sure you share the same feelings if you have been blessed with grandchildren!

There are signs of spring everywhere here in the south....

Tree blossoms in Mississippi.......

Above from the dogwood in the front yard......

Above: Sunny day before we left Mississippi!

It's amazing how much fun a small bottle of bubble soap can be! Check out the grasp on the right hand.....I need to give this boy piano lessons....beginning in 3rd grade!

Such a sweet smile most of the time!

Loved his "squeaker" shoes....glad the squeaker is would drive the pre-school teachers crazy....

The END!

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