Friday, November 26, 2010

black Friday

Well, there you have it....old age creeping in and the first black Friday I am not out shopping....I over did it this week cleaning the porch and "flared up" the it's on the couch blogging and reading other blogs today recuperating from the wonderful Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed yesterday.

We have a great deal to be thankful for.....Salvation thanks to the, friends and the joy of forming new friendships. How about a great home....even though mine is still under construction (remodeling)....when we are finished....what a party I will throw! I was thinking yesterday how thankful I was to be home. Working many thanksgivings as a nurse in the hospital( so I could have Christmas or Christmas Eve off) made me appreciate yesterday's time with family. How wonderful it is to have a job that pays you when you are home a week at Thanksgiving...and two at Christmas....don't forget Spring Break and some of the summer off! Thanks to all those EMT's, Dr.'s and nurses that work all those shifts so our family can be taken care of in the event of an emergency

Movie time yesterday @ the Johnson's home was especially delightful as we enjoyed a movie Michelle picked up entitled " An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving". Set in the 1800's was so very different.....most young folks under 10 don't realize how difficult life was 200 years ago. No cell phones, computers....but Sam and I talked about the correspondence and letter writing that was so appreciated. Some of the writings in our 8th grade workbooks are not even 2 complete sentences....and the penmanship .....or lack of..... Perhaps that is why today some of the art work I enjoy looking at uses old letters as background in the artwork...I am afraid it is a lost art that needs to be revitalized.

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