Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer's End 2013

School Days are here again....

     The end of summer for us is the beginning of school. Oddly enough our last weekend of freedom before the children return to school was spent at the beach with my sisters.....we spent the first weekend of summer vaca in Paris together.

Looks like a bird convention......

Not great pics.....still practicing with my iphone.

Nice Hobie......great colors against the blue sky......

It was fun to visit Paris.....glad the youngest is organized, and a great event planner.....

While shopping in Daytona, we noticed this cute taxi bag by Betsy a trip to NYC in the future????   Nah, but the bag is darling! It would hold a round trip ticket and credit card....

I have been crafting full swing to get ready for the Fancy Flea, Plant City, Fl  in November.

Inspiration came from a YOUTUBE video....Vicky Papaioannou, Art Journal Page:Reading

A preview of the canvas I am still working on:

The books are made with strips of scrapbook paper rolled to look like books.(use a pencil) I covered a flat canvas with embossed paper then attached the books with foam dots. I need a globe or something else that a word? I watched the artist on a You Tube video, but now I can't find it to give her credit....she was amazing. I'll have to search my pinterest boards.....I think I pinned it somewhere....

I am hoping a teacher/librarian will find this attractive and make a purchase!  How is your fall shaping up? Back to school? Quiet moments with the children busy with homework? Be blessed and enjoy each and every moment with those precious darlings in your care!


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  1. Wowsa! Those canvases are gorgeous!

  2. Your canvas' are gorgeous! Thank you so much for submitting your post to Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  3. Oh wow, that canvas is so delightful & definitely something special. Fabulous inspiration!


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