Sunday, July 28, 2013

Changes in Altitude

We enjoyed our vaca in the Smoky Mountains. Changes in altitude can also cause a change in attitude.
We rented online from Great Cabins in the Smokies/Wears Valley Road   (1-866-409-7066) The staff was friendly and helpful. This was our first experience at renting a cabin. We have camped for years....when the children were young....but a cabin is certainly an upgrade!

An early morning arrival to Cades Cove provided several photo opportunities. We took full advantage.....some 700+ photos.....I picked the best ones to save time....

The fog provided cover for the two deer feeding in the graveyard by this church.

Several doe grazing in the fields nearby.

Fencing mostly to keep unruly visitors from encroaching on their territory.....but deer freely jump from pasture to pasture....

Three buck were filmed that day. This is the best photo I took without a zoom lens. He is carrying some grass on his antlers.......

The grist mill still works. Stone ground meal and other goodies for sale on the property.

We were taking pics of 4-5 turkeys in a field when a bear crossed the road in front of our car.  By the time we switched our focus he was scampering into the woods along the creek. 

The best way to see wild life is by bicycle early in the A.M. It does pay not to sleep late on the day you want to visit Cades Cove. From early May until late Sept. the 11 mile one way loop is closed to vehicle traffic until 10:00. Nothing like a loud Harley-Davidson to scare the wild life away.....You can rent bicycles from the Cades Cove Campground Store (865-448-9034 for more info)Sometimes you just have to drive your vehicle, but go early on a Thursday or any day other than Wed. or Sat.

This beats zoo time any day! Have you visited the Great Smoky Mountains lately? What is your favorite site?


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  1. Oh wow, what spectacular scenery & views - I love being up high & watching wildlife. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!


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