Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bee Pot

Summer has arrived! There are many chores to do in the is a pot redo!
This is the before:

1. Wash and dry the terracotta pot.

2. Paint two coats of white paint. I used what I had...Anne Sloan Old White

3. Use double stick tape to tape a piece of white tissue paper to a piece of cardstock measuring
 8 1/2 X 11 to fit your printer.
I used a bee photo with Jardin 1914 from the Graphic's Fairy: husband said, "Honey, you spelled garden incorrectly..."

4. Decoupage with OUTDOOR glue and let dry and cure two days before potting. (The pot was sticky at first.)

Plant your favorite pink blossom and watch it grow!

The hard part is deciding where to put it....on the porch?

On my desk in the kitchen? I do love my new kitchen.....we have been working since last November.... but that's another post (when we get the flooring done).

Here in the kitchen Mona can let me know when it needs watering...

One down.....two to go!


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  1. Hehee I had a good laugh at 'you spelt garden wrong …' I think you need several more of them as they are so lovely. Thanks for the instructions - I will be making some too ….


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