Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation, 2012

This is one thankful Mom! Our son, Grant Harley, graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on Thursday, May 10, 2012. He received a doctoral degree in Philosophy, Major: Geography. He has accepted a position on staff at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg in August. He and his wife, Mandi, will move this summer.

Dr. Harley  ( hooded by Dr. Henri Grissino-Mayer)
B.A., University of South Florida, 2005
M.A., University of South Florida, 2007
Major: Geography
Dissertation: " Tree growth dynamics, fire history, and fire-climate relationships in pine
rocklands of the Florida Keys, USA
Dr. Grant Logan Harley and wife, Mandi McClellan Harley

Dr. Harley showing us his hood/UT colors....
Thankful Moms with the grad....
In front of the UT football stadium gates

Grant's sister, Lindsay will graduate from USF, Dec. 2013
I am thankful her husband, Douglas Heruska, stayed home
to take care of the dogs....we miss you too Doug! Doug I needed
you to take pics this weekend as you can see I still need a remedial class
in photography....

Girls with the grad....we were waiting on the Dad's to bring
the car for us....too far to walk in cute shoes...

Nice Grad hat, Lindsay! It tasted as good as it looked!
Raspberry filling, amazing buttercream icing....

My mother taught school for 42 years. All four of Mildred's daughters are in education....although
I remember declaring "I am going to be a nurse, not a teacher!" Be careful what you say
as the LORD may make you eat your words....I have been in education since 
1995. My sister Sabrina graduated with her Ph.D. in Education 2 years ago. Patsy has
been teaching for ? the last 10 years or so in Middle School( the armpit
of society....LORD bless her with patience)
Michelle, the youngest, has been an elementary assistant principal for 12 years.

As teachers we make a difference in the lives of students everyday. Most of the
time we do not see the end result. We are blessed to come from a 
line of educators. (English was not my don't grade me on
spelling, please....)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

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  1. Thankful that Grandma raised such amazing women who are also fabulous educators. Love how Aunt Pitty Pat is throwing up bunny ears in the last photo. Haha.


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