Sunday, May 6, 2012

Union Flag Box

Finally painted with the Annie Sloan paint I ordered from the local gal Robyn Story Designs in Tampa. The box I chose to paint was found in my Dad's garage months ago.

I used the only quart I purchased.....cream was the color.....I did buy small samples of the 
Emperor's Silk(red), Old White, and Napoleonic Blue.

The paint went on rather well...smooth. The only prep I did was to clean it off. No sanding
was done.

The above pic after the 1st coat. I did another and let it dry.
Then I drew with pencil the outlines of the flag. I chose the British flag.
Why did I use the British flag? There are many projects showing up these days
with this flag. It is quite popular to use in decorating....after all Annie is British!
WOW! I lost a leg....this box is really antique!
After painting the flag, I sanded the piece, then I applied the 2 step crackle from 
Annie Sloan.....then the final step.....dark wax.
It's too dark outside to take a great I'll try to add one later.
I think I'll use the box for old post cards when I finish the inside.
My husband could not believe I could sand the project so quickly.
He kept telling me I needed to let it dry.
I was surprised at the fast drying time.
If I didn't have to work tomorrow....I'll find something else to paint!

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