Monday, March 21, 2011

Paris, spring break 2011

 Bonjour Peeps!   Did you know they paint the trees in Paris?

Not really....but they do look painted with all the colour variations....

We had a wonderful time in Paris. It went by so quickly..... I will have more pics later....there has just been a slight delay on locating the SD 8 gig and 4 gig w/1500 pics was not in my suitcase when I arrived in FL on Sat......what could have happened to them? A real bummer.....

It's all Nana's fault....(Pylones)

I'll explain.
In the shopping mall under the Louvre.....I purchased a fancy cheese grater in the shape of a girl. The grater is her skirt. The only problem was in packing my carry on suitcase, she ended up gift wrapped and in the middle of the suitcase..... which raised suspicion during the exam going through the security check point.

So she had to be opened and exposed...In the meantime the security guard requested me to open the top of the suitcase....which I believed housed the plastic bag with the SD cards. If they dropped to the ground no one would have heard it. I was too busy trying to open the wrapping without destroying the paper and the box it came in to pay attention to other items in my suitcase. I just don't have any other explanation. The good news is my daughter-in-love downloaded the pics everyday. Hopefully I will have a copy in a few weeks.

So for the time being I will just have to show you the artwork purchased in the Montmarte district near the white church, Sacre Coeur. It was one of our favorite places....and we visited the area 3 times during our 7 night stay.
This one found in a store near the area.....and the only one not purchased directly from an artist.
But I think a great find....and I loved the colors....
This one purchased from the artist. My sis took a pic  of me with the artist....I'll add it later...but the artist name was Georges, interesting since I am married to a George....

This one a water colour done by a local female is signed but I can't read her writing....

This one a bit on the modern art side.....

The artist that did this small book mark (his canvases were out of my price range)....had taught for 20 years @ the Univ. of Teheran. His name is B. Borojeni
Notice the top of the Eiffel tower appears to be a mask???

Then before we left....our last trip up the hill....I found these two jewels....loved the watercolor and black lines.....

The artist had completed a large painting of Sacre Coeur and the surrounding area which I would have loved to take home. I am guessing it was 20 X 30 and 300 euros.....way beyond my budget. He had added palm trees to the he had such a sense of humor. ( I did not see one Palm in Paris)

So much for the I have to go out and buy frames for all of these.....anyone have any extra Hobby Lobby coupons????
And last .....the one of me in pastel chalks.... ??
perhaps when I was 25......

au revoir!
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  1. Wow, what beautiful artwork. I'm so happy to hear that you bought most of these from local artists. We need to support each other, right? Hope you find your cards, they'll probably show up right after you buy a new one.
    Thanks for visiting with me and my yardsticks:)

  2. Thank you for linking this up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!

    Hope to see you next Wednesday:)


  3. Hi there! I loved reading of your adventures and you got some great pictures - love them! Thanks for linking to my party, I hope you'll come back again this weekend.


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