Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cape San Blas

 Vacation this year took place up in the Florida panhandle. Cape San Blas is an interesting, remote area approx. an hour east of Panama City. We rented a cabin that was between the beach and bay.

Isn't he the cutest? Love my grandson.....this was one happy YaYa.....spending a week with the grand!

Goodness knows.....we look like a caravan of gypsies walking across the street to the beach. You know yourself how much "stuff" you need to carry to enjoy a few hours.....and toys to dig in the sand!

It was a nice long walk! We burned a few calories in the Fl heat getting there! It was around 92* mid day.....but the breeze from the ocean made it nice!

Big payoff! A beach to ourselves. This one is so far off the beaten path! Thanks Grant for scouting out a secluded area for us to enjoy.

Just a few folks way down the beach......

The above photo was taken by my son just before sunset. We had walked out the back door and through some woods to the empty bay. The tide was out. We walked in our bare feet(he had some convincing to do) out to an island. The water was ankle deep. He told me to just watch for horse shoe crabs. The small crabs scampered away was still about getting out of your comfort zone!

In the bucket.....empty shells.....

The small sting ray we observed......swam away!

The crystal clear water allowed you to see every step! Above another horse shoe crab....we saw several!

Hundreds of small crabs....everywhere.......

Grant says "They don't pinch much".......yeah...I was not going to test their strength!

A short walk back to the cabin! So thankful this was a "dog friendly" rental! We enjoyed our stay!
Thanks Whispering Pines of Cape San Blas!

Enjoy your summer!



  1. Great pictures! Cape San Blas is my next travel destination (has been for just over a year now), mostly because I can take my dog on the beach.
    I can't wait to visit there!

  2. How fab is this - how did I miss this post? I love beaches without too many people - what a great find to have it to yourself almost. The crabs - well least said - I would not have tested their nipping strength either ….


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