Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sewing a baby mobile

Bonjour Peeps!
     We are 30 days or so.....(working days for teachers)...away from spring break. My sister and I were thinking of how we are missing you know if you read the past 2 years, we have spent spring break in Paris!

This spring break we will be welcoming our first grandchild! Ain't life grand?

SEW.....I received scraps from the baby quilt made by a very special Aunt Karry. (Thanks for sharing.....I like things that match!)   After an entire week of sewing.....don't judge....I haven't stitched anything in decades......finally....the completed mobile.


This pic shows the trials of sewing for me....I advised by sewing instructor I can't sew a straight line....and this is proof....after 4 blue eyebrows that did not match....I gave up and used brown felt!
The patterns came from pinterest......check out my Hootie Hoo board and For The Birds.....
The face took me 2 hrs.....did I tell you I am s-l-o-w?

I even stuffed each part....the abdomen, face, wings and body, of course....I did hand sew more than I wanted because the poor bird was too small for my machine....

So thankful for the free fabric! The only thing I added was an orange bird.....

I used T!M HOLTZ ribbon for stringing them up on the natural grapevine wreath, which just happens to be heart shaped.....
Below: the entire gang cuddles together for the photo very sweet

They would not stand at attention.....

I made the small one first, then realized the pattern was really made for PAPER not FABRIC.
The 2nd time around allotted for seam

In this picture you can't tell the Mom owl from the baby owl....

Oh my....I thought I was daughter has made a slight adjustment:

I agree.....replacing the ribbon with a natural fiber looks better!

I may add some feathers later.......we'll just see what the parents would like! 
What have you been sewing lately? Do tell......I bet you are faster than me!
Happy Superbowl Weekend!
Slow poke~
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  1. Lynda! That's ADORABLE! How lucky for your little grandchild! And lucky you, to be expecting your first over spring break. I know you must be beyond excited. I can tell you are going to spoil that baby rotten, aren't you? What better way to start. I look forward to seeing pictures of the new little one. Great job on the mobile. Your time and attention to detail really paid off. I'm sure it will be a welcome addition to the nursery. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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