Saturday, November 5, 2011

Showers of blessings

In this journey it's nice to have friends and family that help you through the celebrations of life. I enjoy helping with bridal and baby showers. There is a fantastic support group for this, including my sisters, daughter who love to bake, and Sunday School family. A friend's daughter is to be married soon. For the shower she chose black, white and pink bling. The challenge was the removal of the traditional be replaced by cupcakes. How to display them? After several shopping trips...the most disappointing aspect was not being able to purchase what I had envisioned in my mind. I wanted the pottery barn silver tray, but it has to be ordered. So we opted for another informal galvanized version that we spruced up with paper baking cups after ironing them.

We had loads of baking help....The oreo balls were made by my sister, Michelle. The extra cupcake batter was made into mini bites and displayed on the side table.

The pink icing was carefully crafted by Lindsay....I talked her into placing a surprise cream cheese filling with mini chocolate chips inside!

The name banner took the longest time. I used a package of coordinating black and white paper to cut the triangles. A white doilly was used to help the pink letters stand out. I should have taken a close up shot, but you get the idea. The triangles are double-sided just in case they were flipped.....attention to detail? It was fun putting it all together.

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  1. Everything looks so inviting. I love showers, too. I'm very impressed that you were willing to iron cupcake papers.


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