Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day 2011

It's time for a Father's Day Celebration!

This clock hangs in our family room.....a gift from my husband.....

My dad taught me at an early age to love photography. He was always taking pictures of us on vacation....and that is probably why I remember a great deal of where we went and what we experienced. My earliest recollection of a fun Father's Day was circa 1968 on a trip to PEI, Canada.  The family had driven onto the John Hamilton Gray ferry  to take the trip across to the island. It just happened to be FD weekend. We met 2 men on the boat, and the one that had children proceeded to invite us to his home, and then to spend the weekend on the island as their guest. You don't meet those kind of folks often these days......this man, years later became the Lieutenant Governor of the island. His name is Gilbert R. Clements. He and his wife, Wilma, were the perfect host family! I'll have to dig up those pics and do a post on my PEI....another day...
The above pic is from 1991, when my husband and his father were off to the mission field to build a church. Victory Church sends a team  to a foreign country each year.  This particular year George and his father, George Sr. went together. The kids and I took them to the church to meet the bus.

Father's Day, June 1997
Grant, Lynda, Lindsay, George Jr.

George Sr., Grant, and my dad "Pete" in 1997

Yesterday @ Cracker Barrel, my sister and I met dad for lunch.

There's nothing like spending some time with the folks that sacrificed time & money, and invested in you as parents to make you the successful peeps you are today. We have truly been blessed.
Exodus 20....Ten Commandments.....#5 Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land that the LORD your God gives you. (The first commandment that has a promise attached).....well folks...that's all.....except one last parting shot of my wonderful husband doing some remodeling.....we will have new windows in the family room soon. It's a long process....remodeling this 1960's ranch style home we are blessed to live in right now....but we're getting there....

Let there be light!

Enjoy your FD weekend!
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