Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paris-Top Ten Sites

I've been thinking about the top 10 things to do in Paris. This is a difficult task but I've narrowed it down....The best trip was planned by Laurie Johnson (French teacher) and my sister Michelle. So I can't take credit...but I did take notes!

10. Versailles although this may be at the top of your list...I viewed far too many castles on our trip in 1978 and had my fill of gold-filled rooms and paintings. This town is amazing and not to be missed for sure. The less than 45-min. train trip from Paris is worth it..... if you go early...I mean leave Paris by .....8 A.M....I know but you can sleep when you get home.

My neck was tired from looking up after 30 min.

9. L' Arc de Triomphe but I'll warn you about the climb....just take note of more steps to climb... no elevator here...nice view of the city in the eve....but not so good for photos....

This fella must have climbed to the top too!

8. Place De La Concorde, walking down Rue De Rivoli....stop in @ Angelina's for hot chocolate (they make it to go...) Turn right on Rue Royale (Laduree for macaroons...just buy something for the cute box) and view Place de la Madeleine

7. Musee D'Orsay (it's an injustice they won't let you take photos inside...not even without a flash....what I would give for the nerve to sneak a shot of the clock from the upstairs)

These were taken outside. The line was really long....busload of students...but we noticed the reserved entrance....and yes! We already had the Paris Museum Pass! 

6. River Cruise down the Seine ( good shots but go before 4 P.M. for the best light)

5. Sainte Chapelle  (pray for the LORD to allow streams of light from the sky to pierce the stained glass windows) Notre Dame is in the same block. You must wait in line on the side of the church to enter an upstairs shop...and then continue the climb to the bell tower. Take note the silver charms are less in the main Notre Dame shop open to the public ...front entrance without waiting) Climbing the stairs to the bell tower can be a challenge, but worth it for the view of gargoyles and the city. After the tour walk down the street past the Palace de Justice and see La Conciergerie and Marie Antoinette's jail cell. Then cross the street next to Notre Dame to see the Shakespeare and Co. oldest book store. Buy a book just to get it stamped. (I received a special surprise there.  I'll explain in a different post.)

Jesus' Crown of thorns....minus the thorns....shown only on the 1st Fri. of every month and on Good Friday....sorry we missed it....

St. Chapelle


Shakespeare and Co... oldest book store

4. Opera Garnier (we went the last day but did not get in....the sign read "no tours today...sorry for the inconvenience) What inconvenience....we only left one of the best parts til last because the tour was in English at 2:00....oh well, another time, I'm sure.

3. Musee Du Louvre / Jardins Des Tuileries... There are no words....only digital film...Thank the LORD you can use a camera but no Mona is behind glass and a little tricky...before you leave the the corner of the property is the Musee De L'Orangerie....Claude Monet's Water Lilies and more...

2. Sacre-Coeur and Montmartre--  A large white church on the highest hill and the most amazing
artist park and reasonable artwork to be purchased directly from the artist! Oh My! We were to visit this area once....and came back 2 other days! A favorite area with affordable shops and restaurants, beautiful scenery and a group of teenagers posing as deaf students trying to con the tourists....we saw them talking to each other at the end of the day...

Shopping in the artist park was our favorite!

1. La Tour Eiffel--  day and night we were blessed to be 2 long blocks (10 min walk) from this amazing icon. Worth every penny...the views from the top...pack a load of patience...long lines for ticket sales and to ride the elevators...Do not attempt to walk we did...legs turned to jelly.... I am just giving you a tease so you'll come back for more. I will eventually post about each area giving more details and pics so you can plan your trip! It's doable...dream big sister! And PLEASE take time to leave me a comment!   I would love to hear from you!

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