Thursday, April 14, 2011


 Paris Spring one of our stops was the Isle of the Citi.....Notre-Dame ...awesome and worth the time spent waiting in line. I am glad I didn't bring a watch....

After we toured the bell tower....we went to the front of the church and took these photos.
I have to post what I saw from the bell tower on another post entitled gargoyles....too many to show on this post. The photo above has the LORD raising his hands on judgment day....notice the angel below has the good folks looking up anticipating heaven....the devil who is cheating(pressing down on the scales) has the others in chains...being carried off... Rick Steves said they were headed to a 6hr hour tour of the Louvre on a summer day...It's hard to believe this cathedral is 700 years old...

Above....from the park across the street...The cathedral is free. The treasury is 3 euros, not covered by the Museum Pass. On Good Friday and the 1st Fri of every month, they display the relic known as Jesus' Crown of Thorns.

Have a great Good Friday!
Au revoir, madame/Mademoiselle!

How did you like the tour?  Sorry I usually don't take photos inside the church....leave me a comment or two....I would love to hear from you.....Lynda

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