Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alaska, Red Dog Saloon

     Happy New Year Everyone! Do you have your Christmas put away? My tree is still's on the list of chores that will eventually be accomplished.
     Have you made any list for the New Year? Since Alaska is usually on someone's list, I thought I would share a nugget from Juneau.  The Red Dog Saloon originated during the busy gold mining days and provided drink and entertainment for locals and travelers.

 The menu and prices have changed somewhat, but you can dine for under $20 which is an accomplishment in this expensive state!
The floor is still sawdust so it's okay to spit if you so desire.

Our server was from Clearwater, Florida......small world.

The real attraction is the gun that was checked, but never claimed by the infamous Wyatt Earp

Imagine, a gun slinger in these here parts.....
By the way, the whale watching and salmon bake was the best part of the entire trip!

So if you go.....don't miss Juneau!


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  1. Lynda, that looks like a really fun place to visit. I love the gun that Wyatt Earp checked. Very interesting! And the whale watching tour must have been fantastic! Thanks for sharing it with us.



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