Saturday, June 30, 2012

July 4 centerpiece

Bonjour Peeps!  I am sharing an idea for personal shakers.....yeah, I know..... what is a shaker.??..well remember what pompoms are suppose to look get the idea.

This is approx. 40 sticks with 6 strands of ribbon per craft stick.

 1. Paint the craft sticks white.
2. Cut various lengths of ribbon...we used red, white and blue...We decided to
measure about 1/2 way down the length of the stick.

3. Place a short piece of terrifically tacky tape on the end and remove the red skin.
4.Apply the ribbon to the sticky tape, one layer at a time.
5. Remember to face one sided ribbon away from you so when it doubles back, it will be facing 
6. Apply another layer of sticky tape and ribbon.
I used a small piece of white to cover the layers. The above photo shows
a small amt. of tape used to secure the end.
Place all the sticks in a large vase and enjoy!
Yes, that is Mona peeking above the shakers...

This pair of canvases where purchased in Paris, Artist Park, Montmarte in March.
The artist is Samatra. 

Add some cake pops and you have a party!
These chocolate cake pops where made by my daughter. They are really tasty....dipped in white chocolate with drizzle....oh my.....calorie free of course!

Email me if you want the recipe.....I know it's around here somewhere.....

Happy July 4th!    Lynda

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