Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flea Markets of Paris

Bonjour Peeps! This spring break my sister and I visited Paris and found some interesting different sites. One was a flea market at Marche aux Puces. 

I did not take many pictures as folks tend to go freaky when you pull out the camera.

Really I was busy trying to focus on finding any bargains in the area....and in my price range.....

A lot of items were either too expensive (antiques are not a bargain like you find at Webster) OR the items I wanted would not fit in my suitcase.
I purchased a couple of stamps, some old buttons, lace and small items.
My sister also found another art market that had different artists. I found an art piece I wanted
of the Statue of Liberty made out of stamps....but opted for the post cards that fit my budget....

This is where we enjoyed lunch....the ham and cheese sandwich was huge....
the dessert remarkable
This was my was like eating a box of chocolate covered cherries....
This was Michelle's choice.....both incredibly delicious!

Take note: on your next trip to Paris.....Metro stop: Porte de Varnes.....walk down the street and follow signs....or look like a tourist with your map out and someone will point you in the correct direction!

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