Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrating TWO years on the planet!

Hello folks!

     The highlight of the year so far was my grandson's second birthday! I love any excuse to take a few days from work and drive the ten hours for a visit.

The slide purchased by Gigi proved to be a huge hit!

 What a grand time we had! My name was suppose to be "Gram"....but he finally was able to call me "YaYa".....I'll take it!  What a JOY he is to watch! Did your grandchildren name you?
        You should enjoy each and every birthday.....and every moment with the GRANDS!


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  1. Happy birthday to your cutie little grandson. I wanted to just be grandma, but my daughter wanted me to be grams. We compromised on grammy. But my granddaughter started with mimi and that's who I am now! (I'm starting my son's daughter with grandma, but she isn't talking yet. I'll have to wait and see.) It doesn't really matter because we love them so much, don't we?


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