Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring has sprung in fact, it has been in the 90's(that is what my car said) the last few days....

During spring break we visited Ten Thousand Villages in Orlando.

Park Ave is an interesting place. Small town feeling with dozens of shops all within walking distance.

We had a great time choosing treasures at Ten Thousand Villages. Do you know what fair trade is?

Donna and I check out the scarves.
I dressed in skittles' colors..... the tree hanging....could we make that ourselves? Gheez that is a lot of wire......

Above....the shop from the outside.........

No....we did not stop at the chocolatier....I just like the clock!

I had some great friends and family along! It was a lovely day!

When is it not lovely in Florida? We did have some cooler weather and rain at the end of the week.
The flowers are beautiful and the grass is green so no complaints!

How is your spring coming?

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