Friday, March 8, 2013

Fire Extinguisher Planter

Bonjour Peeps! It's Springtime indeed.....everyone is out in the garden, trimming, planting and sprucing up the great outdoors. I wanted to repurpose a fire extinguisher I purchased at a g-sale several months ago. I finally decided which plant to place in the container.

Isn't she a beautiful patina specimen? She just needs a good home.....

She looks good with this spider plant growing out of the Of course you may have noticed the mosaic watering took me days to complete it and now it's so heavy with water in it you can hardly lift it.....

My front steps need some home has been one huge project for....let's say around 10 years now....soon to be completed for sure!

Enjoy your spring.....and don't forget to set your clocks back!


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  1. Okay, wait. I love the fire extinguisher. Very cool! I thought at first it might be an oxygen tank! Anyway, did you do that watering can?? And not show us? Or did I misunderstand? I'm going to look through your older posts and see if I missed something. If not, you need to show us more and give us all the details Miss Lynda! Hope you're having a great weekend.


  2. Okay Miss Lynda, I searched your blog for both mosaic and watering can. All I came up with is this post. Please share more details on that beautiful watering can and how you did it! :)



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