Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Denali State Park

This summer was extremely busy. We moved my sister and her husband into their new home, moved my niece home from Tallahassee, went on vacation, helped with a wedding, and remodeled the pool area. I should say my son redid the pool area. Anyhoo I thought I would share a bit more of  the Alaska trip.  From Seattle, we flew into Anchorage and took the train to Denali State Park to stay in the McKinley Lodge. It was awesome. Here are some pics from the train.

We did all this in one day.....WOW....I think I took approx. 350 pictures that day. Of course I wouldn't bore you with all of them. After we arrived, we took an excursion to the home of Jeff King. I'll post about the huskies later.
     Alaska is beautiful. Cooler weather and open spaces. I know it's summer but I wore a sweater or jacket every day. We did not break a sweat. I am thinking it would be nice to have a summer home here, but the food is way too expensive. Most folks here work all summer and put up food for the winter. We stayed at the lodge 2 nights.  We also took a tour of Denali State Park....instead of a bus ride to mile marker 17, we upgraded to mile marker 67. I'll take you on the bus ride later.
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